Former Olympic Swimmer Finds a Way Out of Knee Surgery

When former Olympic swimmer Sharon Davies was diagnosed with uni-compartmental osteoarthritis in 2012, she was told that she needed a knee replacement. Following the recommendation of the National Institute For Health and Care Excellence (NICE), however, she decided to try a knee brace first.

Typically, a knee brace lifts, or “unloads,” the stress from your knee. It limits side movement and puts points of pressure on the thighbone, which forces the knee to bend away from the painful spots. Davies was fitted with an unloading brace five years ago. She still hasn’t had surgery.

Quoting from her interview with the Daily Express, Davies says, “I have less pain and am more active now since I started wearing the brace for activities that cause it to swell. She added, “I couldn’t believe how much it helped. It means I can carry on my busy lifestyle. I can now walk the dog miles — just as I used to.”

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