Osteoarthritis – The Symptoms

The symptoms of OA can come and go with varying levels of severity. Some people find that the weather (in particular, damp weather or drops in atmospheric pressure) make symptoms worse, while others complain that it is contingent on activity levels. In extreme cases, symptoms can be unrelenting.

Both instances can make simple daily tasks difficult, such as climbing stairs, rising from a seat or even sleeping.

Common symptoms experienced by OA sufferers include the following list.

  1. Pain as you move the affected joints
  2. Stiffness of joints after a period of inactivity (sitting or lying down)
  3. Grating sensation felt when moving the affected joint
  4. Swelling in your knees
  5. Restricted Mobility due to muscles wasting or a less stable joint

If symptoms persist for an extended period of time, seek medical treatment.